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China is in a tough battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed 2,592 lives and infected 77,150 on the Chinese mainland by the end of Feb. 23.The AG600 is the third.Public comments on the move are being solicited until March 31.Three other missions include bringing lunar samples back to Earth for the second time, landing on the South Pole region and the North Pole region, Li said.



  • Lannitan, or muddy pit, is a typical village in Xihaigu, a region where over 2.2 million people live in northwest China -- historically and even internationally known for its harsh environment.
  • With a pounding heart, she told a colleague and then contacted Xing.
  • It has been long selected to conduct water-surface tests of multiple Chinese aircraft models, including the country's first maritime boomber SH-5 and first amphibious aircraft Seagull 300.
  • Efforts were made to raise public awareness of the Constitution. With the NPC Standing Committee's decision, all officials have to publicly swear allegiance to the Constitution when taking office.



  Zhang stressed that the national legislature should fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.The first sessions of the 13th NPC and the 13th CPPCC National Committee are important for mobilizing the whole Party and Chinese people of all ethnic groups to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and strive for the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, the document said.The system is expected to make headway in the fourth quarter of this year.


BEIJING, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- China has finished the on-site investigation of 4,532 cave temples and cliff statues, part of a nationwide effort to examine the conservation of the country's grotto sites, said the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA).
In the fourth end, China with the hammer, got back one point, but the Swedish, capitalizing on a mistake of China in the fifth, widen the gap to 5-1 with a succeesful triple take-out.The bronze medal went to Son Yong-Ki of South Korea and Cheung Ka Long of Hong Kong, China as there are no third-place bouts.
The direct economic losses in the region were estimated at 637 million yuan (94 million U.S. dollars).This year's Art Stgo was proposed as a way to "invoke a cultural walk where you can stroll through the historic building view artwork and then walk through the city," Nicole Andreu, manager and curator said.
BEIJING, June 9 (Xinhua) -- The China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) jointly activated a level-IV emergency response on Sunday after rainstorms triggered floods in east China's Jiangxi Province.
Courts across the country in 2017 accepted 21,241 criminal environmental cases in first trials and concluded 20,602.
Diabetes is one of the major chronic diseases that threaten human health. Many patients need to use insulin for lifelong treatment due to insufficient insulin secretion caused by abnormal functions of islet cells.
China's State Council recently issued a set of guidelines to encourage the launch of more large international science projects. Areas such as the physical sciences, research on the evolution of the universe and the origin of life were specifically listed as priorities.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next


  • The city reported 7 injuries and 12 fires caused by fireworks on Thursday night, aroudn half of last year's figures.
  • The trial exploration in the Indian Ocean in 2016 proved that the AUV can practice deep-sea mineral resource investigation. And it can adapt to the complex terrain in the ocean and finish underwater tasks.
  • What impressed Kuhn was the report's "comprehensive scope" and that it "established the policies not only for the next five years, but framed the agenda and set the strategies for the next 30 years."
  • BRASILIA, April 3 (Xinhua) -- Newly imposed tariffs on imported metals and other protectionist measures taken by U.S. President Donald Trump could backfire, said Brazilian economist Cesar Bergo of the Federal Economic Council (Cofecon). Full story
  • He is also consulting some ski gear companies, planning to offer ski gear renting service at his homestay houses."The China trade effect that was concentrated on the resources industry after the GFC is now spread much more widely across Australia's rural and urban industries," the report said.In the spotless lab at the institute, a mouse brain sample, wrapped in resin like a piece of amber, is sliced into layers just one micron thick.
  • COMAC had realized the process of developing civil jetliners and formed a product pedigree from short-medium-range narrow body to medium-long-range wide-body aircraft.Pinto said Sao Tome and Principe will firmly adhere to the one-China principle, strengthen political and diplomatic dialogue with China, actively promote cooperation in infrastructure and enhance non-governmental exchanges.
  • "We also recognized that Africa is not a uniform market. For example, the demands in eastern and western Africa differ from each other, as is do areas south and north of the Sahara," he said.




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      Cheaper shows and tickets of commercial performances and movie screenings, and cheaper online services from Internet culture-service providers should also be encouraged, according to the document.

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      助赢天津河内5分彩软件手机版Vocational education reform will be deepened to train more technical personnel and persons with special skills.

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    "After four years, agricultural and forestry exports saw significant growth in 2018," said ODEPA's director Maria Emilia Undurraga.

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    助赢天津河内5分彩软件手机版The stem cells are taken from the patient's airway and expanded millions of times in vivo before the transplantation. After three to six months, they grow new alveoli and bronchi that improve lung function.

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    Over the past few years, China has sent a series of space science satellites into space, including the DAMPE to search for dark matter, the world's first quantum satellite and the HXMT, China's first X-ray space telescope.

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    助赢天津河内5分彩软件手机版This year's charity fair will emphasize the need of people lived in severely impoverished areas and explore the role of charity in the country's poverty alleviation efforts.

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    The report offers a systemic view of potential security risks in key technologies, typical application scenarios and industrial ecology, proposes security concepts and corresponding protective measures, and envisions strengthening mutual trust and cooperation to promote secure 5G development, spokesperson Hua Chunying told an online press briefing.

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    助赢天津河内5分彩软件手机版NANNING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Loaded with 22 containers, a freight train carrying motorbikes and textiles arrives at the east station of Qinzhou Port in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at dusk and waits for customs clearance.

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      It has also cooperated with more than 100 high-tech enterprises and research institutions to establish the Belt and Road Industry Alliance to serve the regional economic and social development.